Our idea

We believe in the power of professional communities and networks. The chance to share and learn from each other. To get better at our chosen craft and raise professional standards.

And we believe this sense of belonging and mutual self-help is beneficial and enjoyable.

This is a basic human need and it exists now as it did at the time of the medieval guilds. What did not exist then, of course, were mobile phones and the internet.

Mobile messaging is exploding in use. But the available apps are not fit for professional use, not private enough, too difficult to use.

Our idea is to re-invent the idea of guilds and deliver private professional networking for the mobile age.

Our founders

Guild was co-founded by Ashley Friedlein and Matthew O’Riordan.

Ashley and Matthew are successful serial internet entrepreneurs who have worked together on three businesses: Econsultancy, Ably and now Guild.

Ashley Friedlein

CEO & Founder

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Matthew O’Riordan

Technical Adviser & Co-founder

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Our purpose

To help professionals feel pride and fulfilment by sharing expertise with, and learning from, like-minded peers.

Our values

Curiosity – we’re always learning, we’re open-minded

Hunger – we’re ambitious, we can always get better

Integrity – we mean what we say, we do what we say

Our manifesto

  1. We believe in taking pride in your profession.
    We want Guild to support those who are passionate about the quality of their craft, who want to be the best they can, who want to share and help peers and other aspiring individuals in their profession. What you do might seem geeky or esoteric to others but we’re really excited that Guild can bring like minds closer together.

  2. We believe face to face is the best way to build the most valuable professional relationships.
    We’ll continue to make Guild’s digital experience one that nurtures truly meaningful connections but Guild works best as a complement to, and enhancement of, real world relationships, not a replacement.

  3. We believe in privacy.
    We need personal data to make our proposition work but we don’t want access to your personal information unless absolutely necessary, nor will we give anyone else access to it unless we have to by law.

  4. We believe in “customer obsession, the eager adoption of external trends, and high-velocity decision making”.
    We’ve taken this from Jeff Bezos’ 2016 Letter to Amazon Shareholders. Actually, we believe in almost everything Jeff says.

  5. We believe in making a product good enough that you’re happy to pay a fair price to use it.
    We will not ever have advertising in Guild. This means we choose to focus on quality not quantity, on value not volume.

  6. We believe “you have to find a way to make it sexy".
    So said Tom Ford, Gucci. We’re a B2B software product but we believe in making Guild sexy.