Bowen Craggs hosts a high value peer support network of corporate communications professionals on Guild.

Community management platforms are often too complex for high-value networks. After carrying out a survey amongst Fortune 500 companies across Europe, Bowen Craggs identified that whilst these companies wanted to be part of a digital network, they didn’t want to be part of a community management platform with complex functionalities, logins, features they’d have to learn how to use – too many bells and whistles. They wanted something simple and private – which is where Guild came in.

The Opportunity

The Bowen Craggs Club is an invitation-only network for the most engaged online corporate communications professionals, aimed at individuals and companies who believe in the need for world-leading corporate web estates. Most club members work in Fortune Global 500 corporations across Europe, North America and Asia.

Bowen Craggs explores ideas and issues, and often find that club members from very different organisations discover they are facing the same challenges and, crucially, can share ways to tackle them.

Bowen Craggs have been running the club for more than 10 years and it was originally almost entirely face-to-face. They've had more than 50 meetings over the years, where small groups get together, and managed invitations and logistics over email distribution lists.

Bowen Craggs previously used a LinkedIn group to engage with their community, but found that it was quite clunky in its interface, and difficult to manage. For example, Bowen Craggs limits their membership by excluding agency-based consultants, so when members have previously changed job and become consultants they've had to “un-invite” them from the LinkedIn group. This felt quite awkward. The LinkedIn group stagnated due to its issues.

Guild's Solution

Bowen Craggs set up a digital community on Guild: a simple, high-touch environment for members to connect and leverage each others knowledge base. Bowen Craggs employed a Community Manager who manages the group which helps to have a central point of contact for the members.

  • Inspiring content creation - The club is a space for Bowen Craggs to interact directly with prospects and clients. It is good learning for both members and Bowen Craggs staff, which they use to inspire content creation, distribution and marketing.
  • Uncovering Opportunities - The network allows members of the group to seek advice and ask for help where needed. Bowen Craggs has direct access to the community and is able to service and respond to their needs where they can, providing a high-touch, high-response customer service facility.
  • Reducing network travel times - As a result of using Guild, and a general move away from face-to-face meetings due to cost/time or environmental concerns, members are able to leverage the network without having to travel as often. It is getting harder for people to travel as the community is spread out across the world and holding meetings in London requires people to jump on a plane for the day – which they used to do, but are now more time-poor and lack the budget to be as open to travel.

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