Value over volume: How often should a Guild host contribute to optimise group engagement

How do we increase engagement within our organisation? This is a common conundrum that leaves communication managers, marketers, HR directors and community managers perplexed - and it's a question that we are currently trying to unpack at Guild. Since launching in November 2018, we have accumulated over 1,500 Guild…

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Headline findings for engagement and networking in professional membership organisations

Duncan Grant, of the Membership Organisation, has produced an excellent report summarising where professional membership organisations are in addressing the challenges and opportunities around member engagement. Key findingsThe report is based on the findings of a number of key research initiatives in recent years. The full version can be viewed…

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How to build a strong community

Like Rome, communities cannot be built in a day. Setting up a community is often the easiest step – nurturing and growing that community is the long-term challenge. However, your hard work will eventually pay off, as communities are a key component in the longevity and success of a business. There…

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