A few customers, and what they’re saying about Guild.

We just won a £80k consulting deal from a question in our Guild group.
Dan Drury
CEO at Bowen Craggs
Like your CRM and Social combined but better. We use Guild to help us drive our own referrals.
Matt Phelan
Co-Founder at The Happiness Index
Our groups are really engaged and get so much value out of being connected through us.
David Sparkes
CEO at Burlington Media Group
Great UX and works well for our communities of high value subscribers and industry thought leaders.
Richard Robinson
Managing Director at Econsultancy
Feels good to move off WhatsApp for our entrepreneur / CEO forum. No ads. Greater privacy and designed for professional use.
Terry O’Dwyer
I’m delighted with the success of Guild for enhancing the value of our events, it has proved invaluable.
Michael Pitfield
Society of Leadership Fellows at Windsor Castle
Our clients are pretty demanding, particularly around design. Guild is making us look good so we’re very happy.
Philip Redding
CEO at Wordsearch
Great stuff, very impressed. Looking so good. Perfect for my key accounts.
Linus Gregoriadis
Director at London Research