1. General

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How do I join a guild?

To join, you have to be invited into a guild (group) by a host. Invitations are sent by email and you can then accept/join or decline. If you are already a member, and have the Guild app installed, then you can accept/decline via the app and will get an invitation via push notification as well as email.

How do I set up my profile?

You set up a basic profile when you first join Guild. You can do that via the mobile app or online. There are a few compulsory questions and some optional fields. You can edit, or complete, your profile at any time via the Profile section in the app.

How is Guild different from (the professional use of) WhatsApp?
  • WhatsApp is not compliant with privacy legislation like GDPR. Guild is.
  • WhatsApp is introducing adverts. Guild will never have ads.
  • WhatsApp has no profiles so you don’t know who people are. Guild has professional profiles.
  • WhatsApp has no admin dashboard to see all the groups you are running. Guild does.
  • WhatsApp does not provide business-grade support or account management. Guild does.
  • WhatsApp has a single stream of chat. Guild has threaded chats.
  • When you join a WhatsApp group you can’t see any content from before. In Guild you can.
  • In WhatsApp the group joining/leaving experience is very abrupt. In Guild it is much more respectful.
  • You can’t edit content in WhatsApp, nor delete it after 1hr. In Guild you can edit/delete your content forever. You can even delete all your group contributions and profile.
  • WhatsApp is reliant on (increasingly overwhelming) mobile push notifications. Guild provides email alternatives.
  • WhatsApp groups are branded by each individual user. In Guild the host controls the branding.
  • WhatsApp’s web version is limited and only works in the presence of your phone. Guild has a full web version that is live-synced with the native apps.
  • WhatsApp groups are limited in size to 256. Guild supports any size group.
  • In WhatsApp you can only see message info for your own messages. In Guild you can see info on any message.
  • WhatsApp has no reactions for messages. Guild has the Applause reaction to express gratitude/agreement.
How is Guild different from LinkedIn?

Guild does not compete with LinkedIn. LinkedIn has its consumer equivalent in Facebook whereas Guild competes with the professional use of WhatsApp and other messaging apps. LinkedIn is not a messaging app but a ‘social (professional) network’. LinkedIn is great for marketing, recruitment and self-promotion but has become far too noisy as a platform for nurturing high value professional relationships, particularly in a medium as personal and intimate as messaging. You should certainly be on LinkedIn but you should use Guild for your most valued professional connections.

Is Guild purely a mobile app?

No, there is a full web version so you can use it as a web app which can be better if you are at your desk, or laptop, where you can type more quickly. The admin dashboard is also web-based.

2. Pricing & Payment

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How does Guild make money?

Guild will never have ads. Host organisations pay us an annual fee to use the Guild platform to host valued professional contacts of all sorts.

How much does Guild cost?

Guild is free for members. Hosts pay an annual fee depending on the number of members they wish to host. Our pricing model starts at £10 per member per year, for up to 50 members. The price per member goes down to a minimum of £7 per member per year with higher member numbers. The price includes custom branding of your groups and dedicated account management for service and onboarding. Please contact us to discuss a bespoke model for you.

If a member is in more than one group, do they count twice?

No. You only pay per unique, active, member. If a member belongs to multiple groups you host they only count once. Members in closed groups, or members who leave your group(s), do not count.

3. Privacy & Security

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How private is Guild?

There are no public directories of Guild members or groups. No-one can ‘look up’ a group or individual. All groups are invitation-only and completely discrete. Only the people in your group(s) can see your messages/threads and profile. Direct messages are only visible to the two participants. Legally, you control all of your data and contributions: Guild is merely storing it for you and you can request it or delete it at any time. Guild is GDPR-compliant and data is stored in EU data centres only.

How secure is Guild?

All data is encrypted in transit using HTTPS. Guild is not ‘end to end’ encrypted as data is stored centrally in the cloud using Amazon’s AWS infrastructure confined to EU data centres to ensure GDPR compliance. Guild works to the ISO 27001 information security framework. We conduct monthly security scans with an external auditor.

Who can see that I’m using Guild?

Only the members you share your groups(s) with. Guild does not provide a public searchable directory of groups, so your group will not be found by anyone other than the members you invite in. The account owner and account admins who pay to host members across their group(s) can see what groups they have, who is hosting them and who is in each group but they cannot see any of the conversation content unless they themselves are part of the group. Direct messages are not visible to anyone except the two participants.

Can I delete all of my data?

Yes. You can delete your profile and contributions from a particular group when you leave it or at a later point. You can also delete your entire Guild account and all your contributions to all groups you belong to. But beware that we really do delete the data so it cannot be reinstated or recovered

Who controls my data?

You do. Not only is this a legal requirement under GDPR legislation but we believe it is how things should be.

Can I request a copy of all of my data?

Yes, you can. In Settings if you click on ‘request my data’, we will receive your request and email you with a .csv file of your profile and contributions within a week.

4. Messaging & Interface

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How do I edit or delete my message?

Once you have sent your message, click on it. You can then see who has read or applauded your message, as well as the buttons to edit or delete the message. You can also click on other member messages, but you cannot edit or delete them. The Host cannot edit other members’ messages but can delete them, as a quality control feature.

How do I add images to my messages?

Click on new message, and ‘add image’. Allow camera access. It will give you the option of adding an image from your library, and adding text to the message.

How do I add files or video to my messages?

You cannot attach files to Guild messages. However, you can include links to files or videos in cloud locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. and they will automatically become active hyperlinks to open the files.

5. Legal

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What are Guild’s Terms & Conditions?

Please read the full Terms & Conditions here.

Who owns the intellectual property to content contributed?

None of the IP which derives from any content inputted into a guild by its members is owned by Guild Digital Ltd.

Is any ownership of data/content assigned to Guild when contributed?


Is Guild a data controller or data processor?

Guild is a Data Controller except in some cases where, for example a customer asks us to process data (e.g. provides an email list to send batch invitations) in which case Guild is a data processor. Guild is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, and our registration number is ZA334878. Details can be seen at

Who is responsible for the quality of content contributed?

Subject to our Acceptable Use Policy, each individual user has sole responsibility for the legality, reliability, integrity, accuracy and quality of any content or data they submit to Guild.

What standards of content quality must all user adhere to?

These are detailed in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Is Guild HIPAA-compliant?

In the USA, companies that deal with sensitive patient health information must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Guild is not designed for the transfer or storage of protected health information (PHI) of US citizens so is not HIPAA-compliant and should not be used for this purpose.

What limits are there on Guild’s liability?

Guild’s liability is limited to the contract value with a customer. Both parties’ liability is not limited in respect of death or personal injury caused by negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or wilful misconduct.

6. Team & Company

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Who is behind Guild?

Our co-founders are Ashley Friedlein (who was also founder of Econsultancy) and Matthew O’Riordan (founder of Ably and co-founder of Econsultancy). We are backed by 28 private investors many of whom are successful digital entrepreneurs. We also have a very impressive Advisory Board. More about the team here.

How do I contact the team?