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WE ARE GIANT: life skills in troubled times


Rob Wright

Founder, GIANT


Rob Wright

Founder, GIANT

Purpose of group

I'm starting a movement: to help us to be bigger inside than life is outside. What does that look like? A community of people committed to sharing the life skills we need to do extraordinary things in the face of overwhelming odds. Every now & again, we face a hinge in history: a global catastrophe that changes everything. World wars. Plagues. Sub-prime mortgage crises. Great depressions. We're at another hinge now. 2020 was a huge reckoning. Any number of complex issues were brought into stark relief: • education; race relations; politics; healthcare; capitalism; work; culture; law & order – & so much more. No one approach can fix these wicked issues. And we haven't yet figured out how. All we do know is, we can't stay here. If you have something stirring within you, though you might not even know what the question is you want to be part of the solution, then join this group. We'll find a way to have conversations, engagements & interventions that equip us with the courage, resilience & vulnerability to make a difference in the face of our most intimidating challenges – your own, your organisation's & your community's. And with the right people around the table, who knows, we might even get to see some giants fall. Who's in…?



Date formed

Apr 01, 2021

Last active

Apr 07, 2022

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Sample job titles of group members

Founder & CEO, Resilience Training Lead, Founder, Engineer, Community Manager

Sample organisations of group members

The MECC Cornerstone, HeadStart Newham, GIANT, BP (British Petroleum), Guild