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Early Career Club


Leo Marley

Key Accounts, Guild

Social anthropologist & sustainability enthusiast.


Leo Marley

Key Accounts, Guild

Social anthropologist & sustainability enthusiast.

Purpose of group

A free community for 18–25 year olds, offering experience-led, trusted advice about jobs, personal finance and professional development. We’re people like you, just a little older. We exited school and entered the real world, not knowing what we were going to do next, how we were going to pay for it, or much of anything at all really... What we did know is that we wanted to work for a good company, and have a bit of cash saved at the end of every month. So we started looking for practical advice. However life, unlike school, doesn’t have a revision guide or a teacher standing at the front of the classroom, so we had to do the adult version of putting your hand up: Google it. What we found was endless 'amazing progression schemes', and a bunch of articles about the difference between Gen Z and millennials. It was the advice from older friends, and people in the same boat, that helped us find careers we loved. However, not everyone has access to this. So, we decided to start a community to share advice, experiences and recommendations from people that have been there before. Welcome, to the Early Career Club.



Date formed

May 04, 2022

Last active

Jul 01, 2022

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Sample job titles of group members

Student, Administrator/Program Lead, N/A, Student, Communications Officer

Sample organisations of group members

University of Leeds, Ghana Tech Lab-Pokuase, Computer science student, Arts University Bournemouth, Public Health Scotland