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Dhivakar Govindan
Dhivakar Govindan
Student, University of Warwick
Dhivakar‘s professional bio / interests
Postgraduate Student at the University of Warwick studying supply chain and logistics management. As an up-and-coming procurement professional in the supply chain industry, I have a strong desire to learn, collaborate, execute, and succeed at a rapid pace. With nearly four years of professional experience as a buyer, I have successfully managed a quarterly spend worth 40 million USD on automotive-grade semiconductor components that goes into various sub-assemblies of multiple automotive projects, sourced from strategic suppliers across Asia, the Americas, and Europe region.
I’d like help with…
As I am nearing towards the end of my master's course at the university of Warwick, I am on the lookout for job opportunities in the field of Direct Procurement in Automotive/Aerospace industries, I am interested in applying for Buyer/Senior Buyer roles and I would like to ask for help from the industry experts for any tips, pointers, and referrals. I would really appreciate if we can connect and chat about my professional growth in the supply chain industry.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
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A career highlight
I was nominated by materials director for a project in Guadalajara, Mexico within 8 months of joining my previous role as an Automotive Buyer at Flex
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10 August, 2023