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Neil Sweeney
Neil Sweeney
Neil‘s professional bio / interests
Neil is an entrepreneur, starting out as a property agent in the commercial property industry. Although he enjoyed the journey within this industry like all true entrepreneurs he yearned to be the “master of his own destiny” and so in 2012 had identified an opportunity a “gap in the market” and went for it. In addition founding a second business in 2014. He spent the next 10 years leading and navigating both companies and successfully sold both companies within this time. Embracing all the challenges that start up’s endure Neil learnt the hard way, he recalls “I learnt more about people and politics in business within the first 5 years than the entire decade prior”. Neil had discovered EOS, and was fortunate enough to self implement a number of the tools. As a result Neil has first hand experience of the benefits of running a business on EOS and the challenges of running one without. Now a professional EOS implementer, Neil’s passion and mission is to help other entrepreneurs clarify their vision and execute on that vision with real accountability whilst creating a healthy culture throughout their company.
I’d like help with…
I want to help other business owners and entrepreneurs "get a grip" on their business..
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Been rescued off a mountain twice whilst attempting to "off piste" ski... Spent a New Years eve with Donnie Osmond and David Hasslehoff in a random private bar in Bristol!!. Had more failed businesses than successful ones.
I live in
A career highlight
Founded, Scaled and Sold two businesses within a ten year period to nationally recognised companies - Urbanlife Property Management (Sold 2019) and Sicuro UK (Sold 2022).
Joined Guild
24 August, 2023