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Nathalie Ramirez
Nathalie Ramirez
Chief Growth Officer, Maker Lab
Nathalie‘s professional bio / interests
I was in publishing in my 20s, in creative and digital agencies in my 30s, and now in executive management in my 40s.
I’d like help with…
Challenging the status quo — how women are treated in the workplace, how employees are valued, recognized and developed, and the historical inefficient ways of working.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I have an inferiority complex about not having gone to university. I’m still working this out with my therapist…
I live in
A career highlight
The Drum honored me with the APAC Agency Leader of the Year award in 2023. The best part: My team wrote in the nomination.
Joined Guild
03 September, 2023