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Patricia Namanda
Patricia Namanda
Final year law student, Hull university
Patricia‘s professional bio / interests
Hello,my name is Patricia. Thank-you for having a look at my profile. A little bit about me… 💎Aspiring commercial property solicitor 💎Former government intern 💎Legal advice volunteer in training 💎African & Caribbean society events coordinator 🏆Public Speaker & Entertainer ⭐️Multilingual ⭐️Seamstress ⭐️Qualified Chef ⭐️Perfume Critic / Enthusiast ⭐️Marvel fan
I’d like help with…
I’m currently seeking mentorship, vocational schemes, invitations to legal events, training contracts and professionals to visit my university on behalf of the ACS society to offer guidance and inspiration to the students.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I was so bored in lockdown I memorised the flags of the world. I also cannot ride a bike :/
I live in
A career highlight
My most fulfilling accomplishment to date was during my internship when I took part in negotiating a contract with the department of education. I worked under by boss for an acquisition of land to help build a school for impaired / special needs pupils. Knowing that I took part in promoting education and inclusivity made my internship so worthwhile.
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17 September, 2023