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Richard Wright


Richard Wright

Founder, Stand Up Marketing

Richard's professional bio / interests

A 'hands on', data driven marketing leader, I have spent the past 14 years working for a range of SaaS businesses. Throughout that time I have created demand generation campaigns that incorporate almost every element of the B2B marketing mix, from digital advertising to ABM, PR to events, and most things in-between. By working closely with all revenue generating departments, I've developed a strong track record of developing, implementing and measuring marketing programmes that support the Sales team and deliver pipeline. I have had the pleasure of doing this for leading Saas companies such as Tealium (CDP), Scoro (work management), Seismic (sales enablement) and Lithium Technologies (CX). Outlining the marketing strategy and the plan to deliver it successfully is just part of what I do. I also love to roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty and execute those programmes myself to a high standard, on-time.

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Tinky Winky once told me I had amazing stage presence

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Sep 03, 2020