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Akhil Borana
Akhil Borana
Assistant maintenance person, McDonald’s
Akhil‘s professional bio / interests
Akhil Borana is a dedicated and skilled marketing professional with a robust foundation in digital marketing and sales. Currently pursuing an MSc in Management with a major in Marketing at Swansea University, he has a proven track record in strategic sales and marketing leadership from his tenure at Yash Drill Rod Manufacture and Balaji Telefilms in India. With expertise in media and marketing analytics, he is adept at leveraging CRM tools like Salesforce and Excel for data analysis. Akhil's proactive problem-solving skills and ability to collaborate effectively make him a valuable asset in dynamic environments. Fluent in English, Hindi, and basic German, he is driven by a passion for continuous learning and improvement.
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An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am a polyglot with proficiency in English, Hindi, and basic German. Additionally, I have a unique hobby of creating intricate digital art using generative AI, blending my passion for technology with creativity. This fusion of interests has often provided fresh perspectives in my marketing strategies and campaigns.
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A career highlight
• Achieved a 30% increase in sales through innovative marketing strategies. • Led key projects that enhanced operational efficiency and client satisfaction. • Received multiple awards for outstanding performance and leadership. • Implemented process improvements that streamlined workflow and reduced costs. • Established strong client relationships, contributing to business growth and retention. • Successfully navigated challenges with resilience and problem-solving skills.
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11 June, 2024