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Ishmam Yaseen Taha
Ishmam Yaseen Taha
Student (BA International Business Management), University of Northampton
Ishmam Yaseen‘s professional bio / interests
As an ambitious and driven professional, I have cultivated a diverse skill set through my roles in finance, education, and retail management. My journey began with a commitment to menstrual hygiene advocacy, where I developed financial strategies to support this vital cause. My role as a Shop Supervisor at Greggs has honed my leadership and operational management skills, ensuring top-notch customer service and product quality. As a Student Ambassador, I've engaged with prospective students, offering insights into university life. My public speaking prowess was further sharpened through Model United Nations conferences, where I received accolades for my compelling presentations. My academic pursuits in International Business Management are complemented by certifications in customer service and human resources, showcasing my dedication to continuous learning and professional development. I am eager to leverage my expertise and passion for making a meaningful impact in my next career opportunity.
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12 June, 2024