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Ariyo Onadeji
Ariyo Onadeji
Student, University of Lagos
Ariyo‘s professional bio / interests
Ariyo is a first-class undergraduate student in the Department of Economics at the University of Lagos. He is passionate about data, finance, macroeconomic policies, research and forecasting, and the SDGs. He is actively involved in the Academic Team and the Publicity and Communication Team of the Nigerian Economics Students' Association. With experience in administration, finance and research, Ariyo distinguishes himself as one who possesses the essential knowledge and skills, necessary to thrive in the work environment. To make meaningful societal contributions, he was part of a team that sought to promote civil participation among youths, sponsored by Leap Africa. Over the past few months, Ariyo's involvement in diverse programs has shaped him as a valuable asset. He is currently seeking opportunities that will have a meaningful and lasting impact on his personal and professional growth.
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14 June, 2024