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kirthik Ramadoss
kirthik Ramadoss
Data Analyst, IT information technology
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I am a quick learner with a proactive approach, dedicated to continuous improvement and active engagement in my work. My passion for helping others drives me to contribute positively to team dynamics and support collaborative efforts.
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As a Data Science Master's candidate at the University of Essex, I bring a solid foundation in advanced data analysis and Python programming. My professional experience includes internships where I achieved significant results: at Cod Soft, I enhanced operational efficiency by 20% and boosted revenue by 10% through optimized pricing strategies. At Psyliq, I improved marketing campaign targeting accuracy by 25% and enhanced decision-making processes with SQL and Power BI. My role at DLK Technologies saw me applying advanced statistical analyses using R and SPSS, achieving an 85% prediction accuracy. I hold multiple certifications from esteemed organizations like Accenture, Quantium, pwc, BCG X, and British Airways, underscoring my commitment to continuous learning. Additionally, I excel in data visualization, having developed impactful dashboards with Power BI, Tableau, and Excel. My academic background includes a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from SRM University, India, where I applied my analytical skills to real-world engineering problems. I am eager to leverage my expertise in a collaborative and innovative team environment, contributing to data-driven decision-making and strategic insights.
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25 June, 2024