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Yvonne Farrell
Yvonne Farrell
Owner/Host, Farfalla Blu, Pozzallo (B&B)
Yvonne‘s professional bio / interests
Retired teacher, married my Italiano three years ago and we left Ireland for adventures new in Sicilia. We’ve just finished a two year renovation of our house and opened our boutique B&B, Farfalla Blu. I love Sicily, miss Ireland and my tribe there. Looking forward to broadening my skills in the kitchen here as it’s been a bit of a culture shock just how important il cibo is in this little corner of the world!
I’d like help with…
Summer cooking, Mediterranean ingredients. Having lived all my life until now in Ireland I definitely feels there’s a gap there!!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
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A career highlight
I worked for 37 years as a primary school teacher, school principal and finally in Special Education which became my real passion. All of my career highlights are moments of breakthrough with children struggling one way or another. Nothing tops that.
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25 June, 2024