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Lee Lam


Lee Lam

Founder, Your Startup Partner

Lee's professional bio / interests

I am at heart a strategist. I look at the world and look for structure, meaning and sense. Once I have this, I can then adapt and move things around to create the structure that will help achieve what is needed. I do this in any number of ways: When working with a #business, it is creating a strategy for survival, success and thriving; When working with teams, it is creating a #team structure and dynamic that maximises everyone's potential and success; When working one to one with people looking to review their #careers, it is creating a career plan that allows them to develop in the direction that feels most like success; When working with larger organisations on their #change programs, it is creating a narrative and strategy to not only announce the changes coming, but prepare the organisation for actively and enthusiastically accept it. On one level, none of these have anything in common. But by taking it up a level, there is a simplicity to the value I offer. And I love it.

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I won an award at University for Astronomy (I was a Law student)

I live in


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Anytime I'm watching my clients pitch their startups




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Nov 27, 2020