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Lynn Erasmus


Lynn Erasmus

Keynote Speaker, training, coach, LynnErasmus Ltd

Lynn's professional bio / interests

I am an energetic, multi-award-winning entrepreneur & journalist and a keynote speaker on culture and change. I am here to rekindle your enthusiasm and joy for life, and I will show you, that you too can become unstoppable – by relearning the ABC. Ditch those Assumptions, Break the rules and Choose to challenge your comfort zone. This is your game of life, you may not always win, but you have to Play!

I’d like help with…

Meeting like-minded people and making meaningful connections. I am new to the UK and in the process of creating a CIC.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

Two things - I love sober life and I love baking cakes, especially a dark chocolate cake with thick caramel on the inside-)

I live in


A career highlight

Winning four awards in one year, two as an Entrepreneur for the newspaper I owned, one as a Journalist for an article I wrote, and one nominated as Top 40 Under 40 by NMB Business Chamber. I helped thousands of previously disadvantaged youths to start and grow their own businesses in South Africa. I immigrated twice, in a space of 5 months - with a small family. I set up a new business in a new country and have already been nominated for two awards: Phoenix rising (She has no Limits) and Foreign Innovation (Great British Entrepreneur Awards), plus being interviewed on numerous podcasts and Authority magazine. Publishing my book: Break Those Damn Rules - available on Amazon.




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Dec 03, 2020