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Derek Muller


Derek Muller

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Derek's professional bio / interests

Hello, I'm currently the sustainability lead at a creative ad agency in Amsterdam most interested in helping brands tell more compelling narratives around sustainability which can drive better focus and more rapid innovation and collaboration. Also, using the power of storytelling to simply give people a more optimistic outlook about the opportunities ahead, visualise what the world could look like in 2050 or 2100 and to create a world of stubborn optimists, like myself, who are willing to make that happen. I'm also very interested in sustainable urban development, landscape architecture, guerrilla gardening, and creating a more active community and more engaged democracy.

I’d like help with…

Creating commons, developing green spaces, eliminating Amsterdam food waste (composting), guerilla gardening, or any other projects in Amsterdam that grow our community, creates active neighbors, establishes new bonds, and fosters strong democracy.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I have a folder in my phone called "green spaces" just for taking pictures of eye catching plants, overgrown ivy, blossoming flowers, and all kinds of landscape architecture that brings together people and nature in one place.

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One day starting my own business


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Dec 12, 2020