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Tinu Adewumi


Tinu Adewumi

Private Tutor/ Consultant (Financial Mngt), Self

Tinu's professional bio / interests

-Consulting -EdTech-Finance to K3&K4 ✨Creative and individualistic. An Intuitive 👩‍💻Tech evangelist and a multipotentialite. 🔥Thrive on intellectual stimulation and challenge (when I am solving problems). I am confident without needing to be in the spotlight. I am an advocate, visionary and maverick combined (creative, team-layer, empathic, concrete, pragmatic and methodical).  👩‍💻Bridge between Tech and Finance, Educator. 📈Growth mindset Member: Women in IT *An introvert, learning the art of story telling. 🔥My Philisophy Driven by compassion, empathy, positivity, possibilities and hope in a world full of otherwise. 👏The chapter of my life dictates there is to be given to, there is to learn, there is to do, there is much more. 🪴Give Back Collaborative culture, team-focused, purposeful opportunities. An advocate of organisational learning especially taking place at the executive level which should be inherent and embedded in an organisations’ culture. 👂🏻👥🗣How I do it Listen to you (and assess your time and space) and provide solutions or direct you to where you will find solution (s). I make it worth our time. 💪Background - Financial Management and Accounting - Versatile Banker -Performance management (Human Capital Mngt partner), Financial Control, Information Technology, Business Development and Customer Service 🥰Hobbies - Music - singing, playing musical instruments and composing - Design and interior (insta @marveltysuc) - Event planning - Technology (blog insta @qasic) 👩‍🏫💥DM me for; - Partnerships/Business Ventures🤝 - Problem Solving in general or problem solving needed on a project - Research🤝 - Brain Storming/picking and innovations 😁 - Initiative assessment for viability - Directional advise on your business roadblocks 👩‍💻💫I work - within a team (on a project, incubator? Providing the Agile support to see through the seamless product delivery providing a Product management guide to the process) etc. My ability to successfully partner with the developers, business owners and end users (essentially all stakeholders to the value chain) and bring everyone to a consensus has been proven over and again. I work silently at the background providing insights, sniffing out viable development and growth initiatives, driving communiques to ensure executions of same, driving change, organise symposiums for investors etc.

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Getting back into paid employment, collaborations/partnership, projects etc. for financial stability.

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Jan 17, 2021