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Bethelihem Gizachew
Bethelihem Gizachew
Project officer, Ethiopian Law School's Association
Bethelihem‘s professional bio / interests
Since the compilation of my post-graduate degree from Addis Ababa University in peace and security Studies, I have been working in primary and secondary data collection, transcription, and writing on peace and conflict-related subjects as an intern and data collector for the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Former PDC new EIP. Through this past experience, I have contributed my part to the success of the projects that I have been working on. Currently, I am working at the Ethiopian Institute of Peace as an assistant peace project officer supporting the senior peace project officers and the program managers in the institute. at EIP, I have gained additional skills like analytical skills, problem-solving, leadership skills, working under pressure, working as a team, and communication skills through different types of training opportunities provided by the institute and I believe these are the essential skill I should possess to excel in any job that I am given. I have learned some project management skills to help me pursue my career in this area. From my previous experience, by thinking critically and focusing on the main objectives of working in a team and allowing flexibility to some degree, I can tackle any challenges. since February, I am working at the Ethiopian Law School's Association as a project officer. in this position am responsible for • planning and delivering training (Dialogue, People against Violence against Everywhere / PAVE), writing a proposal, Planning and Delivering activities, Developing project plans, timelines, budgets, and objectives, Monitor project progress, and providing regular updates to relevant stakeholders Identify any potential risks associated with the project, and develop strategies to mitigate them, Develop detailed reports on the progress of projects, Ensure projects adhere to organizational policies and procedures, Ensure all activities are documented properly for accountability purposes and Presentation.
I’d like help with…
An opportunity to get my dream job . I have tge required academic requirement and experience to execute my thematic area... peace building .dialogue .research etc..
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I can speak 2 local languages (kafinono and Gamogna )beside Amharic .
I live in
A career highlight
I have worked in different positions since I was a second-year student ranging from research assistant as an intern to assistant project officer and now project officer. It is a field I enjoy and want to grow in. I am applying for this position after reading the job description and responsibilities it seems an excellent opportunity to develop my professional skill. and since this is the same position as my current job, I believe I can be a great asset and contribute to the position. In addition, I want to develop my project management and leadership skills, and this position feels like the right place and time to do so. I have managed successfully the position I have been assigned and looking for an opportunity that grow as a person and develop my professional skills and knowledge
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21 January, 2021