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Tamsin Scott
Tamsin Scott
Head of Marketing , The Behaviours Agency
Tamsin‘s professional bio / interests
I'm Tamsin, I'm Head of Marketing at The Behaviours Agency, a creative agency that specialises in applying behavioural science - and the happiest little agency in the world (ask me why!).
I’d like help with…
Expanding my network of marketers with an interest in applying behavioural science in their work
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Two truths and a lie... • I think Rory Sutherland is a bit overrated • My favourite colour is bottle green • I got 100% for my AS level english literature exam but hadn't actually finished reading the book
I live in
A career highlight
It might seem like a cliché but I can honestly say my biggest career achievement to date is working in a role that I love, but when you love what you do can you even call that work?
Joined Guild
26 January, 2021