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Riccardo Sai


Riccardo Sai

Creative producer / Photographer / Director / Founder, Storo

Riccardo's professional bio / interests

At Storo, we work with people who have an authentic passion for social and environmental change and are determined to make the world a better place. Storo is a visual storytelling agency creating meaningful visual narratives, film and photography solutions for purpose-driven leaders and brands who want to have a bigger social and environmental impact, inspire action, and do good. Stories are at the heart of Storo’s mission. Stories connect, transform, educate and can be a powerful force for change. At Storo we create visual tools, films and photographic projects that empower brands and individuals to tell their story in a better way and to stand out. Stories are effective. They make you memorable. They spark empathy. We believe that stories are the most powerful way to connect, engage and inspire your audience. They can also change the world. As a team, we have worked with some of the most purpose-driven organizations in the world. We’ve helped them amplify their message and increase their reach. Our clients include organizations such as Brunello Cucinelli, The Home Office, Unicef, The Gorilla Organization, The Red Cross, BBC, The Green Party of New Zealand, The European Union.

I’d like help with…

Connections with purpose-driven brands and agencies

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I make a great tiramisu and I once ate a cobra

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A career highlight

An advertising campaign for the home office to raise awareness about female genital mutilation




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Feb 11, 2021