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Jordan Abbott
Jordan Abbott
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Jordan‘s professional bio / interests
I’ve always felt that I was born in the wrong era, for a number of reasons: 1. I initially wrote this using paper and ink, as I often do with most things before then typing it up - as it feels more authentic, natural and allows me to be more creative. 2. I’m an avid listener of 50’s/60’s music (My favourite song is L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole) 3. I wish I could have experienced going out dancing at a club, and I’m not talking cutting shapes to house/garage on a sticky dance floor (don’t get me wrong I also love to do this). I’m talking getting suited and booted and dancing the jive, rockabilly or Lindy Bop in front of a live band; even if I do have two left feet - my better half (a professional dancer) will vouch for me on that one. 4. I love classic films… well, film in general but you can’t beat the classics. 5. Finally, it appears that brands back then could only communicate with their customers on a 1-2-1 personal level. Fortunately, it feels like the final point, is coming back into fashion. However, thanks to tech development brands now have the ability to speak to and engage with potential and existing customers as individuals, at large. Looking back at the past with a romantic eye can be dangerous, particularly when operating in the current, fast-paced, and ever-changing field of marketing; and more specifically, the exponentially growing, MarTech space. Keeping up with the rapid pace of change is perhaps felt most acutely by digital marketers contending with break-neck fluctuations in technology and consumer behavioural habits. Exemplified by the fact that, on average businesses only utilise 58% of their MarTech investments (Gartner); utlising an extra 12% will garner a 20% higher ROI (Gartner).
I’d like help with…
Always looking to expand my knowledge of the SaaS world (with a keen interest in MarTech & SalesTech)
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I've had chicken pox twice... I know, I too thought this was impossible. I've since been challenging myself to break the glass ceilings of what I perceived to be impossible.
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A career highlight
Taking the leap from Hospitality to the world of SaaS - While COVID was a horrific period and people, myself included, lost loved ones. It gave me time to reflect on whether I was in the right line of work... I wasn't.
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03 March, 2021