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Catherine Crawley


Catherine Crawley

Director of Marketing, Cooke Optics

Catherine's professional bio / interests

From working for US telesales innovators in the mid 1980s (yes telesales was once the height of #innovation) to running my own post production talent agency in the early 90s to post production through design/digital agency marketing and business development to settling into a long term home at this historic British cinema lens company in the midlands.

I’d like help with…

ideas, collaborations

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I got spectacularly sacked from a job at a video duplication in 1990 for a parody memo written by two of my then colleagues mocking a real memo written by my then boss. Because the subject matter involved washing hands, the thesp in me decided to sign it Lady Macbeth. We went to lunch giggling and thinking nothing of it. On return, this memo had got into the factory somehow and staff, thinking it official and non parody, which in itself was baffling, were threatening to strike. They had me banged to rights because the signature was my handwriting, but I chose not to dob in my colleagues and took all the blame. Because I was seemingly not repentant enough, they gave me the boot. The continued joy of this ridiculous tale was that the PR for that business also worked for Spitting Image and as I became instantly available for employment, he offered me a job with him doing national PR for the Spitting Image Rubberworks experience in Covent Garden and the first series of BBC2's Mark Whitehouse Experience comedy sketch show. Result!

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A career highlight

Getting the opportunity to work for Top Gear, having been to motor shows with my car obsessed sons since they were very young




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Mar 11, 2021