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Yodit Kebede
Yodit Kebede
Post-doctoral researcher, IRD
Yodit‘s professional bio / interests
My research focuses on the scientific and political aspects of agroecology, particularly in the African context. Currently, I am conducting post-doctoral research at IRD (French Institute of Research for Development) on the perception of agroecology and the priority areas of research as defined by the end-users in the Global South. Prior to this, I worked for FAO agroecology unit where I have been involved in the elaboration of the FAO 10 elements of agroecology, the preparation of the FAO second symposium on agroecology, the management of GEF (Global Environment Fund) projects, the inception of a 10 years agroecology programme for 10 countries of West Africa. In my PhD research at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, I analysed the socio-ecological processes that have shaped the landscapes in the region of Hawassa (Ethiopia) in order to understand some of the ecosystem services that agriculture is providing, particularly pest control.
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Starting business in Ethiopia
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Ecological farming, women empowerment
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As international consultant at FAO
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22 March, 2021