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John Lowe


John Lowe

Founder and CTO, Momentum Advisory

John's professional bio / interests

I have over 25 years’ technology and digital leadership experience across international markets working for companies such as Microsoft and Accenture. I was part of the founding teams that created the Sony PlayStation Store and the Gala Bingo and Casino online businesses (now $bn businesses). Today I support private equity, start-ups/scale-ups and executives in the following ways: * Technology due diligence (buy- sell-side, M&A, MBO, IPO, exit prep, post-integration, carve-out). * Interim CTO to define and deliver tech strategies to rapidly scale, speed-up or transform. * Maturity assessments to show how technology and digital can create value and drive out cost. * Design and source software development capabilities to accelerate development pipelines. * Mentor and coach technology and digital leaders to retain, engage and develop existing talent. I was the 80s kid that coded in their bedroom, spent far too much time on coin-ops (Outrun - yay!) and brought order to the BBS world as an ISCA mod (Babble>)

I’d like help with…

...knowing how I can help you!

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I once played Pac-Man for 25 hours straight, and went to Glastonbury while at high school.

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A career highlight

Collaborating with amazing people around the world and helping them to solve their problems and scratch their itch by exploiting technology and introducing digital ways of working.




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Mar 31, 2021