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Mari-Liis Vaher


Mari-Liis Vaher

Creator & Founder, Powerful Marketers

Mari-Liis's professional bio / interests

Mari-Liis is a marketing expert and consultant from Estonia, Europe with 15+ years of experience. She is able to successfully support managers and marketers of both small and large companies to help balance their teams in times of stress, and improve the quality of employment relationships through a thoughtful application of soft values. In traumatic situations, Mari-Liis is a skilled provider of primary mental health support. Mari-Liis has an MBA in social sciences and economics from the University of Tartu and has been active in sales, marketing and leadership since 2003. Additionally, Mari-Liis has been involved with crisis counseling, its studies and practice since 2005. Mari-Liis is the initiator and leader of several environmental campaigns, and also contributes to society as a volunteer. For the latter, she has also received recognition from the President of the Republic of Estonia in 2017. Mari-Liis' creativity, directness and the widest possible interpretation of what is happening inspires every marketer to see beyond the current difficulties. As a marketing mentor, she knows that everyone's success depends on the strength of their personal background, which can be learned and developed by anyone who wants to. That is the reason she launched a special course for the marketers called the Powerful Marketer Program. The program uses proven techniques & tools to generate long-term personal and professional success to every marketer. Mari-Liis believes that the world does not need more marketers, it needs better marketers! And being successful professionally always depends on having a happy and a powerful personal foundation to build on!

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empowering female marketers and helping them to grow personally and professionally

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Friends call me Queen of Impossible because of my own personal story and because of my strong belief that Nothing Really Is Impossible (you can read my story from here:

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Recognition from the President of the Republic of Estonia in 2017 with my volunteering work




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