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Michelle Corbin
Michelle Corbin
Director , The Iona Project
Michelle‘s professional bio / interests
Michelle Corbin is an Emotional Wellness Coach and owner of the Iona Project Community Interest Company which provides a range of corporate and group training helping participants with issues such as domestic abuse. In her coaching role Michelle specialises in supporting Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Professionals to develop tools to manage stress and improve their emotional wellbeing. Michelle is a firm believer that our experiences in life are often connected to the inner child inside us all waiting to be released. Michelle's training for professionals is balanced, fair ensuring that you are able to put real life situations into perspective and make effective decisions to keep everyone safe. Michelle is no stranger to adversity she had a challenging childhood and adolescent years, but her story is one of fearlessness, triumph with a reminder of why we should always speak our truth. Michelle went on to have a successful career in social work and using her decades long experience has turned that into a growing coaching business, she is one to watch.
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An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
One of my favourite things to do is to cook restaurant quality food for family and friends.
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A career highlight
March 2020 I out planned and hosted an event for International Women's Day. This was my first paid for event and ended up being a sold out show with a variety of speakers . who were able to inform and inspire a room full of women.
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15 April, 2021