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Mack Davies
Mack Davies
Founder & CEO, Rarity Found
Mack‘s professional bio / interests
I'm not your standard, run-of-the-mill 16 year old... It all started at 12, when the business bug dragged me in. When I first made money from my hobby at the time it was one of the most uplifting feelings. Knowing I could do something I had the passion and love for and also make money from was great. At 12 years old my journey started, I started my first venture. It was a simple concept but with high demand for it. Without the decisions I made as a 12-year-old 'businessman' at the time, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today because it taught me so many valuable lessons that will I will carry for the rest of my journey. At 13 I learnt basic programming skills, this then developed into the ability to code websites, eventually to the stability where I had my own clients in and around Manchester. Once I was a few months into freelancing I started developing other valuable skills. Shortly after I started my own agency with some friends in the industry and some other specialists. Opportunities that arose from the experience were truly incredible, having the opportunity to attend business exhibitions and being invited to networking events was a surreal experience. At 14 I was setting up, attending and leading my own conferences, attending networking events weekly to grow my connections. I was even travelling all over the UK to meet my own team members. By then, financing, compliance and legality became a huge learning curve. It is the more boring part of the business but it had to be done, the surprise there is that I didn’t mind it. By this time, I had a decent taste of what being at the forefront and the taking lead role of a business was like – and I loved it! At 15-year-old and in the final year of high school, this was the year that everything started to click. Years of networking, meeting new people and taking advice had led me to discover really what my true passion and desire in business was. After months of brainstorming, I had come to the conclusion to go full circle and started deep-diving into the esports industry. I have been surrounded by the gaming and esports industry from a very young age and having a multitude of knowledge and contacts within the space, in addition to it being something I am truly ardent for. I am on a journey with a mission. I want to leave my own legacy to help people in as many possible ways as I can, across as many channels and sources as I can. As a current 16-year-old, I am only looking to do one thing, and that one thing is, to be the best person I can be, whilst empowering others and making money.
I’d like help with…
Getting out there, funding/backing and growing the network!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
My middle name is Manhattan! Short, sweet and unique.
I live in
A career highlight
There's many to choose from, that's for sure. When I was 15 I was working closely with a home delivery company in the UK as that was my dad's current employment. I was mainly spending time within the sales and marketing departments and after getting to know current strategies they were using, seeing the campaigns, and more... I discovered some holes I could plug. In my spare time, I drafted up an email campaign with fully designed marketing material and 100 prospects. With the green light that then went on to be their most successful campaign to date with 2x the open rate, 3x the reply rate and half a million of revenue in contracts within 3 weeks. Crazy what a young mind can do!
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20 April, 2021