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Gifford Rhamie


Gifford Rhamie

Senior Organisation Development Consultant & Intersectional Educator , m2m motivate2mobilise ([email protected])

Gifford's professional bio / interests

I have an interdisciplinary interest that finds expression in two separate and unlikely associated fields. One as a practitioner, the other as an academic. My philosophy is: belonging that is achieved by diversity, equity and inclusivity makes for a prodigious (business) output. As a facilitator and practitioner, I aim to educate, edify and lead organisations in dismantling structural inequalities in the workplace and open innovative spaces for collaborative performance and growth. I draw from my marginality and gift its discernment to enable groups to see the dynamism that can grow to prosper agency and resilience. This is because as a senior consultant, I am driven by the ethic of human love to heal, bind and unleash highly productive relationships and initiatives. My focussed academic interest lies in exploring how cultural studies aids in interrogating and displacing Eurocentrism and Anti-blackness in biblical studies. This involves drawing on postcolonial theory, whiteness theory, diaspora and pilgrimage studies, and critical conviviality to explore ‘racialised’ discourse and interpretation in Second Temple Afroasiatic Judaism and Early Christianity. So, in many ways, I'm an intersectionality scholar who is seeking to extract the unheeded logic of belonging that whiteness operates to fragment and disperse. As you can see, my academic work informs my practice. Hence, I'm able to leverage my deep knowledge, understanding and experience to motivate and mobilise businesses towards a dynamic and creative environment based on a culture of genuine belonging.

I’d like help with…

I’d love to meet people and groups who are interested in building the work of EDI

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

Once appeared in the West End Show, One Man, Two Governors

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A career highlight

I provide high-end diversity, inclusion and equity consultation to the leaders of voluntary groups, businesses and organisations. Recently done work with HMPPS




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Apr 26, 2021