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Adam Laurie


Adam Laurie

Director, Wow Your Crowd

Adam's professional bio / interests

Creative videos for brands with big ideas. Helping you launch your BIG Ideas, sell your products online and WOW your crowd. Together we make great ideas happen. 🚀🙌🏻 What’s the 1 thing that will make or break a crowdfunding or online marketing campaign? The Pitch And that's where I help you. Creating original story-based brand films and video content campaigns that pitch your BIG idea in a compelling way. Helping you raise funding and attract online customers and sales. Our process looks like this… ✅ Craft your message to resonate with your audience. ✅ Create pitch video and marketing content that WOWs. ✅ Activate the content across your online channels attracting support This can work whether you are marketing a product or raising investment to scale your business. The key is to make an impression by showcasing your offer in a compelling way. Attracting and converting your audience on supporting or buying your idea. We work directly with business owners and alongside other agencies creating content that drives results for your crowdfunding or online marketing campaigns. 💥 Create content that Wows. 💥 Attract Interest 💥 Get results. Get funded. We’ve helped our clients raise millions in product sales and Investment and we'd love to help you to. For more information and if you need any advice about crowdfunding or marketing your product online simply drop me a quick message and I'll get back to you right away. Speak soon. Cheers Adam Laurie

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I have developed a very particular way of making a cup of tea and I don't like cheese and onion crisps.

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Helping innovative companies raise millions is sales and investment, so they can launch their fantastic ideas, changing people's lives.




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Apr 27, 2021