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Mark Geary
Mark Geary
HRD/HofHR/HRM/HRBP, Various hi tech, engineering, manyfacturing B2B, B2C
Mark‘s professional bio / interests
[email protected] +44 7501 685363 In summary, I have spent several years operating at a senior level in the capacity of a strategic and operational Global HR, HR Director, HR Generalist Head of HR and HR Manager. Due to the acquisition of my employing company, Moortec Semiconductor and following the transitional period, my position as the Global Strategic Organisational Manager has been made redundant. During my extensive career either reporting into a board of directors or being part of a board directors, I have always been responsible for delivering the HR/Payroll/Benefit strategic and operational service, budget and relationships within the UK, Europe and Globally, and my most recent role extended from the UK to Poland, North America and the APAC regions. Whilst my CV contains many of my achievements, projects, areas of responsibility and self - development. I can also confirm that I have worked within various heavily regulated environments, these includes the health industry, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, electronics and financial. I have also been responsible for delivering ISO 27001, 18001, 14001, 9001 within multiple UK sites and I am a qualified IQA / IRCA professional in addition to my FCIPD Tech IOSH qualifications. During which time I developed and maintained the organisations practices and compliance to the various legislative requirements. Such as Employment Law (UK and European) GDPR, TUPE, Bribery Act, Slavery Act, HASW for example. I have been responsible for identifying opportunities for improvement, planning, budgeting and delivering significant integrated and transformational programs and projects within and outside the normal area of HR responsibilities. Some of which have been outside of the UK working with partner within Europe, NA and APAC. Proving time and again that my experience and skills and not only transferrable within all industry sectors but also within all areas of the business. Those projects have included, • Business global reorganisation • Leadership Structure and development • Global virtual working and COVID compliance program • Global wellness and engagement programs • Global recognition and reward • Global appraisal and review • Global recruitment, onboarding and review • HR global policy and process development, delivery, integration and automated review • Culture review, integration and development programs and delivery • HRMIS sourcing, integration, innovation and review • Social media platform marketing and development globally • Employee relations and consultation forum integration and review • Employment law integration and development. • IT infrastructure risk management review, creating a team to develop and implement a global transformational change • Integrated payroll and benefit systems and practices globally covering UK, Poland, NA and APAC regions. These are some of the projects which I have completed on multiple occasions and have resulted in bring signific ant added value, increased efficiencies, and global compliance, further historical examples are contained within my CV. Always ensuring I am aligned with the organisational goals and aspirations, I am drive by people metrics, systems and a desire to continually challenge myself and others whilst ensuring I continue to learn. My roles have always been challenging, requiring the delivery of excellence at both strategic and operational levels whilst helping others to also achieve. As I have left my recent engagement, I am looking for a suitably challenging role which allows the use of some if not all of my skills-set which is why I am applying for the advertised position.
I’d like help with…
I am currently supporting through consultancy 2 businesses on a voluntary basis, one is a start up and the other requires reorganisation and leadership / system development. However I am more than happy to coach and support like minded change / transformational practitioners and or those wishing to enter this environment or indeed have any challenges requiring some discussion.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Some of my hobbies apart from my family and golf (poorly played, I am currently trying to learn to play the Saxophone and to speak Espanol.
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A career highlight
I am very much a business commercial orientated person who thrives within a creative and diverse environment, having led and or been part of the team responsible for development, service and delivery of such cultures changes, which have delivered stability, efficiency, growth and people development, these successes continue to be the highlight of my career.
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04 May, 2021