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Simon Bower  MIGEM


Simon Bower MIGEM

Technical services Manager, Percy Doughty

Simon's professional bio / interests

Simon joined Percy Doughty as Technical Services Manager at the departments inception bringing a broad base of technical skills and knowledge. He has worked primarily within the gas industry within the M&E sector in various roles as a senior contracts manager and later in operations for a housing association since 1996. With a brief two year period at a company building tanks for anaerobic digestion systems. Simon has been responsible for building the technical services team at Percy Doughty, research and development activities including the innovation of new technology in the electric and gas market, product development, and quality assurance initiatives. Simon has also been involved with the implementation of the new Eco Design standard. DEFRA and compliance in relation to the UKCA mark of approval.

I’d like help with…

Discussing any bespoke projects in relation to gas or electric, or projects involving large volumes of products. including wood burning stoves.

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May 20, 2021