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Andrew Gordon


Andrew Gordon

Employee Experience Specialist, Action Business

Andrew's professional bio / interests

Personal development, self actualisation, employee experience, employee engagement. WHAT I DO ► I help SMEs to thrive through building great places to work for owners, managers and staff. Which means that you should experience less stress and more fulfilment for you and your staff. HOW I DO IT ► After our initial discussion we agree the next steps. This might be online training, face to face training, or other agreed action steps. A typical action is a free, web-based diagnostic to measure and report on performance related dimensions of an organisation. This enables you to gain insights from staff, set improvement targets, plan and execute actions, measure again and repeat the process. More information can be found at or you can take a free test drive of our software platform there. OUR CLIENTS ► I work with organisations of between 10 and 250 staff to improve employee experience and employee engagement. I help owners, managers and staff to increase performance relating to staff recruitment, retention, performance, contribution and more - using software tools and systemised processes to build a better business. READY TO TALK? ► Connect with me here on Guild, visit our website at , email me at [email protected], or call me on 07590 459318. Book a free strategy discussion by contacting me now.

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Personal development, self actualisation, employee experience, employee engagement

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May 21, 2021