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Katleen Richardson


Katleen Richardson

Senior Vice-President, Marketing, Evaluate

Katleen's professional bio / interests

I am an experienced global commercial leader and pride myself on practicing true customer advocacy. I firmly believe in cross-functional collaboration to drive a results-driven approach to product, sales & marketing that meets the customer on their terms while delivering a consistent branded customer experience. I am a proud global citizen and a diversity & inclusion champion.

I’d like help with…

I would like to make a difference for companies who are looking to add value beyond sales and revenue.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I build as a way to manage stress. It helps me free up mental bandwidth to think through problems and innovate. Anything will work: lego, meccano, furniture, sheds etc.

Lives in


A career highlight

In 2020, my team and I pulled together 24 hrs of content on COVID-19, with specific geographic focus being driven by the different timezones we covered in those 24 hrs. We set out to provide objective, data-driven analysis and intelligence on the disease, treatments, clinical trial pipelines, and regulatory perspectives through webinars, fireside chats, speakers corner debates etc. We reached over 20,000 people globally, and I take pride in how we did our bit to combat ‘fake news’.




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May 21, 2021