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Jodi Masters-Gonzales, FHCA
Jodi Masters-Gonzales, FHCA
Head of Research | Certified Auditor of AI Systems, BEACON | ForHumanity | Socio-Technical Systems Consultant
Jodi‘s professional bio / interests
I’m an ex-digital marketing strategist turned socio-technical systems consultant who is passionate about contributing to safe, responsible, and trustworthy AI, algorithmic, and autonomous systems innovation—enabled in a market co-shaped with diverse inputs and multistakeholder representation. I'm one of the first Independent Auditors of AI Systems certified by ForHumanity for the EU & UK GDPR and UK Children's Code—called ForHumanity Certified Auditors (FHCAs). Let me know if you'd like to learn more. I love sharing how FHCAs fit into the overall market governance structure—simultaneously supporting public interest and industry—providing key and critical components of a more robust infrastructure of trust. I also love talking about the digital economy and explaining the characteristics and dynamics of her various markets—Who are the creators of value? Who are the extractors of value? Who are the parasites? The invisible hand and self-interest—novelty and Skinner. CV →
I’d like help with…
I'm looking for speaking and other opportunities where I can contribute to raising awareness, increasing curiosity, and social action toward a safer, more responsible, and more sustainably innovative digital economy. My services include pre-regulation readiness and compliance evaluations; confidential, pre-audit AI, algorithmic, and autonomous systems (AAA Systems) readiness assessments; and certified audits for Uk/EU GDPR and UK Children's Code—and a bunch of related socio-technical consulting work including: —Integration of ethical decision-making and bias mitigation into the algorithmic lifecycle —Ethics Committee and Algorithmic Risk Committee readiness and support —Education, curriculum design, and employee training —Organizational change strategy and plan —Related policy and document drafting —Regulation crafting and drafting support for Supervisory & Enforcement Authorities
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I'm finishing up my Ph.D. (go me!) and live on a boat in the middle of a big city—doing my best to stay present and grateful on the daily.
I live in
A career highlight
Of all the highlights, I'd say the most meaningful and impactful are the quiet and private gifts of gratitude I've received throughout the years when my work made someone else feel human—seen, heard, included, or loved. Collectively, these gifts have become my compass and gauge in mi vida loca.
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11 June, 2021