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Carl Nancollas
Carl Nancollas
Marketing Manager, NED Holdings
Carl‘s professional bio / interests
Adding value to our customers by listening to what they need , identifying the issues they are facing and finding solutions which work for them. You build relationships on trust, providing a solution for a solutions sake will result in a short term gain but providing the right solution will result is a long term business relationship.
I’d like help with…
Identify solutions to help with supply chains, ESG risk identification, recording telephone calls and SMS marketing
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I started life as an engineer installing solutions for clients, this helped me understand the technicalities of solutions however, I got frustrated by the mixed messages clients had been 'sold'. Too many times had clients been oversold so I decided to move into a sales/marketing role, this enabled me to truly understand the needs of the client as well as having a strong technical understanding of the capabilities of the solution. This approach has enabled me to build long lasting relationships with clients as they trust the solutions I propose. Trust and relationship should be your number one aim with any client, play the long game and build lasting relationships NOT short term gains.
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A career highlight
Becoming Marketing Manager for NED holdings group, the group is such a wide ranging collection of businesses it is a very challenging/interesting role spanning many industry sectors.
Joined Guild
14 June, 2021