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Bernie Mayall
Bernie Mayall
Director, Mayall Management
Bernie‘s professional bio / interests
TAKING VISION TO ACTION There is a bit of fabulous in everyone, without exception. Governance nerd, change maker, enjoying doing interesting things that matter. Mostly cuddly and fluffy but with an inner battleaxe. Working alongside you in social care and support, healthcare and/or social justice I can provide edge to edge project guidance and support with a side order of workforce and business development for you, your organisation or service. Intrinsic to this process are engagement, governance, strategic and operational advice and expertise. Backstories include the CJS, health, primary care, social care, autism, mental health, disability, multiple ways to experience disadvantage. Committed to amplifying the voices of people with lived experiences as a crucial means to create the right things for the right people for the right reasons. Equality and Quality. Committed and passionate I expect you to be the same. Poet and writer, businesswoman, empath. Nifty changemaker, grower of businesses, Leadership From Within. Leadership, change, sustainable growth, ideas management, creative decision making. Always open to fresh projects, jobs or ideas. 07757262380 [email protected]
I’d like help with…
I work freelance, and love it, but would value an extended network and some fresh challenges if I am honest, to mix i up a little. Happy to work part time, freelance, quick and dirty, open to NED gigs.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Part of my budget gap year, about 150 years ago, was busking in London and Paris.
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A career highlight
My favourite memory: taking the two years needed to successfully liberate a woman with learning disabilities from the prison that her support had become, into her own flat with one support worker during the day and none at night (with the help of assistive technology) instead of the hulking "minders" she had endured in hospital. Serious negotiations with local authorities and commissioners was needed as she was deemed "dangerous", which re-assessment and some changes would have shown was untrue. No re-assessment had been done for years Other highlights include rescuing a failing charity and repurposing governance in the largest cluster of prisons in Europe.
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01 July, 2021