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Khristen Craft
Khristen Craft
Membership & Communication Manager, Soho House & Co
Khristen‘s professional bio / interests
Events Planner / Manager, with multidisciplinary experience in a variety of event roles, including large-scale entertainment venues for up to 30,000 attendees or smaller scale events from 20 people such as conferences and even comedy shows. Taking charge of various large scale projects I have been able to become confident in team leading and effective communication and delegation. Thus allowing me to be an adaptable individual. With over 6 years of experience I have learned specialised organisation, management and interpersonal skills. My current degree in BA Hons. Events Management has allowed me to develop an understanding of how all stakeholders of an event contribute to a successful outcome. I am also someone who is keen to learn. My experience hasn't made me less enthusiastic to absorb information and exert it into useful channels alongside my previous experience.
I’d like help with…
Almost any opportunity I get I will connect people and help grow their business.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I use to run for England I love anime I have a 32 book collection And I’m crazy deep down inside
I live in
A career highlight
Organising the BLM protest in Hyde Park where John Boyega spoke at.
Joined Guild
16 July, 2021