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Craig Fleisher
Craig Fleisher
Chief Analytics Officer, Aurora WDC
Craig‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a veteran external communication (i.e., corporate and public affairs) professional with several decades of experience. I'm probably best known for having authored and or edited 16 books (mostly handbooks designed to guide better practice); nevertheless, the thing I'm proudest of is helping lots of students discover and successfully pursue careers in com fields like PR, public affairs, issue management, and stakeholder relations. I'm not hard to find, and am still practicing, researching and sharing my learning through my scholarship (look me up at my Google Scholar or Amazon links). I am also a former comm association president (Canada), a strategy and intelligence Fellow (CI Fellows), journal editor (Journal of Public Affairs) and editorial board member (numerous), 2x Business School dean, endowed university research chair holder, and was a tenured Full Professor at a handful of universities. I find inspiration and strength in diversity and numbers.
I’d like help with…
Anyone interested in pursuing a career in any externally-focussed communication function (like CSR/ESG, community relations, corporate affairs, government relations, lobbying, public affairs, etc.). I am also willing to guide/support anyone interested in breaking into the scholarly/academic publishing domain - I've been editor of several journals and continue to serve in those roles for a few comm journals.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I'm a Canadian/US dual citizen and have lived a year or longer in 3 countries (Australia, Canada and the USA) and have traveled professionally to another 75+ nations or so during my career. I have held formal positions at universities in ten different countries. I've also held graduate faculty positions in business, communication/PR, information studies, intelligence science, management, and medical schools (where I am teaching as of 2020).
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A career highlight
Writing my first book - on the topic of public affairs benchmarking. It was an extension of my PhD dissertation. I had so much fun researching and great experiences collaborating with scores of other public affairs comm professionals and learning what they did to measure and evaluate their (external) communication efforts. Though I began the effort in 1992, it was published by the Washington, D.C.-based Public Affairs Council in 1995, sold out several print runs (their first book to accomplish that). It gave me the tailwind to start a long, yet unplanned, writing evolution that just saw me finish my 16th effort - which is an Encyclopedia (Palgrave Encyclopedia of Interest Groups, Lobbying and Public Affairs or PEIGLPA, for short) published online (2020) and in print by Springer/Palgrave in June, 2022.
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05 August, 2021