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Stephen Waddington


Stephen Waddington

Managing Partner, Wadds Inc.

Stephen's professional bio / interests

Professional advisor to agencies and communication teams, Visiting Professor, and author. PhD student, Leeds Business School

I’d like help with…

I help organisations as an advisor, non-executive director, mentor and speaker, providing pragmatic and straightforward advice and execution.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I published two books in 2021: A Shop on Every Corner (Wadds Inc.) with my mum, and Public Relations and Management Communication (Pearson) with Prof. Dr. Ralph Tench

I live in


A career highlight

Founded and built agencies (Rainier PR, Custard PR, and Speed), bought agencies (BMA, Lighthouse PR, and Mantra PR), and worked for Ketchum


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Aug 09, 2021