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Karen McNeil
Karen McNeil
Vet Tech, Paragon Veterinary Group
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Hi, I have been working as a Vet Tech, SQP and Administrator at Paragon Veterinary Group (part of XL Vets) in Cumbria since 2019, work is 90% dairy, 5% beef, 5% sheep. I originally started at Paragon as a coordinator in 2016, then in 2019 joined the farm sector as a Vet Tech. The majority of the work I carry out is based around youngstock health e.g. stress free disbudding, vaccination protocols and measuring colostrum transfer. I work on the theory that calves are the future of the herd so getting it right from the moment the calf enters the world is vital! Heard about the BVTA from Natalie Parker. Hoping to share ideas with other Vet Techs across the UK.
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10 September, 2021