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James Cannings
James Cannings
Chief Sustainability Officer, MSQ
James‘s professional bio / interests
I co-founded MMT Digital after I graduated in 1999, which has grown to be one of the UKs leading technical agencies with over 200 people, and offices in the Midlands, London and Leeds. In 2019 I took the company carbon negative, offsetting far more carbon than we produce and aiming to half our carbon footprint over the next 4 years. As the co-chair of the BIMA Sustainability Council I started to run workshops for other companies on how to model, reduce and offset their carbon footprints using the tools and processes I developed. I recently turned all of this into a free to access 6-week (18 hour) course (titled "How to measure, reduce and offset your company's carbon footprint" on the FutureLearn e-Learning platform: In 2020 MMT Digital became part of MSQ and I helped them to became carbon negative across their entire global operations. I'm now the group’s Chief Sustainability Officer and am leading the carbon reduction strategy. Also, via our low-carbon website “The Green Pages”, developed with the BIMA Council, I'm helping to support teams in how to build lower carbon digital solutions (
I’d like help with…
I'm always looking to learn more about how we can accelerate our plans to a Net Zero position. My particular passion is trying to help the SME community (who I think still really struggle on how to get started). I would love some expert advice and feedback on my newly launched course: Whilst it's more relevant for SMEs, I think it may be of value to larger organisations with Science Based Targets who have a long tail of SMEs in their supply chain (who may need support!).
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Cards on the table.....Before I fell into the world of environmental sustainability, my passion was cars. After a few years of learning how to drive quickly round in circles I got a race license which, I'm slightly ashamed to say I still hold today. I may be the only Chief Sustainability Officer of a global organisation with a race license. I'm now working to launch a "Race Carbon Negative" campaign to build awareness. Sorry - we're all on a personal journey! In my defence, I don't lecture individuals, but focus my efforts on supporting as many SMEs as I can.
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A career highlight
I'm very proud of building a company from my bedroom, with my friend Ben who I've known since I was 6-weeks old, and somehow managing to get up over 200 people. I'm not sure how that happened. But mostly I'm proud of taking MMT Carbon Negative and the impact I'm now able to have supporting other SMEs.
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23 September, 2021