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Rebecca Bardess
Rebecca Bardess
Founder, Indiepreneur Academy
Rebecca‘s professional bio / interests
Founder of Indiepreneur Academy. One of the original Dot Com Pioneers in the 90s (I'm 48). I am a bestselling Author, and wrote magazine columns for the small business, home business, and writing niches for six years. I've had a couple of near death experiences and am spiritually driven. I believe that having either a spiritual or philosophical context that is greater than your personal ego is profoundly helpful. Although I'm a big fan of deep thoughts, I don't vibe with people who take themselves too seriously. There's more to life than the dominance hierarchy. Nobody is ever the fully risen cupcake. I'm also INFP, so unless you're a little weird, I won't immediately make sense to you.
I’d like help with…
If you find my podcast interesting, 5 star reviews really help with discovery on Apple in particular. Thanks in advance if you subscribe and rate it. It's called Like A Bardess and it's on all the podcast platforms. Always looking for book recommendations. Also, somehow, the whole scifi genre has passed me by. Ditto related genres. Science Fiction, superhero films, anime... pretty much clueless. Hit me up with a beginner's guide. Workwise, I'm on a mission after surviving covid. On what I thought was my deathbed, with no air in my lungs, I prayed in my head for God to breathe life into me, so I could breathe life into others, so they could breathe life into their dreams, and manifest them on the planet. In the next second I could breathe. So, if you know someone who wants a profound breakthrough in finding their life purpose and transforming into their 'no more BS' authentic badass self, I'd welcome referrals. You can send them to my site, or if they've been struggling a bit with the work from home thing, give them my free ebook:
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Tony Robbins follows me on twitter. I'm a coma survivor. Stephen Fry took me for pizza once. I've been asked on dates by Johnny Depp and Dominic West. I grew up in a medieval farmhouse. I can read as fast when books are upside down as when they're the right way up. I love chess, but suck at it. I believe narwhals are way better than belugas, and I will fight you if you disagree.
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A career highlight
Interviewing Brendon Burchard for a national magazine. Also, writing the marketing funnel for The Millionaire Booklet for Grant Cardone, AS Grant Cardone was a fun challenge. Apparently, that copy converts like The Pope, because it's still his front end offer, and he never changed the copy. Love to think of the millions of books in people's hands now because of that.
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25 September, 2021