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Nicola Bowers
Nicola Bowers
Veterinary Technician and CSO, Farmvet
Nicola‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a Pig Vet Tech and work for Farmvet in Yorkshire, an independent vet practice that specialises in pig health. I started my Vet Tech career in 2017 with Garth Pig Practice as the first specialist pig technician, following completion of a Free Farrowing project for Newcastle University which looked at the maternal behaviour and suitability of a sow in a loose farrowing pen on commercial farms. I moved to Farmvet in 2020 and the role encompasses pregnancy scanning, trial work with feed and pharmaceutical companies, on farm and classroom-based staff training and assisting the vet team as and when required. As the role is still very unique, it is constantly evolving and I love the challenges that that brings. I am also involved in prescriptions and dispensing, so really just get stuck in anywhere that I can! I am passionate about promoting the industry, so have been involved in the Yorkshire Show, Countryfile Live and Countryside Days discussing commercial pig production with the public, and helping farms that are striving to achieve high welfare alternatives that are becoming a primary focus of the sector. I have a MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, am qualified CSO and am working towards my AMTRA SQP qualification. I am hoping to become part of a recognised group of paraprofessionals. I first heard about BVTA at VetPartners and then more recently through Meg Lawrence posting on her Instagram account! Being part of the BVTA is very important to me for several reasons; to be recognised officially for the role we play as technicians as part of the service that veterinary practices offer; as a support network and knowledge exchange between other Vet Techs and offering the opportunity for people to see a different potential career path. In particular, as pigs are very niche, it will be a fantastic chance to engage with other Vet Techs and hopefully learn from each other too.
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Anything not pig related!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
In my spare time, I have a small flock of Herdwick sheep that keep me busy, and a St Bernard called Hugo, who didn't get the memo that he's not a lap dog!
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A career highlight
Pregnancy scanning 210 sows in 50 mins!
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27 September, 2021