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Martin Dowson
Martin Dowson
Interim Design Exec, DesignForward
Martin‘s professional bio / interests
Design Leader & Exec who never went to Design School - grounded in Design Research, UX, IA, Service Design and Foresight - started my career with User-Centred Design in Consultancy and quickly moved on to building out Design Capability, Have founded and built my own agency and held in-house Design leadership roles, worked across industries (a lot in FS) and am deeply interested in how we elevate the ability for organisations to leverage Design, especially inside large complex organisations where a more purpose-driven agenda is emerging.
I’d like help with…
Staying connected to opportunities to support Emerging Talent. Connections to companies who want to elevate the impact of Design. Finding my first Non-Exec role bringing my Design Leadership and Consultancy experience to a board. Suggestions for contributors to businessxdesign podcast.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I used to own a Radio Station - it was a short term broadcast but we were for 9 glorious days the Official Radio Station of Edinburghs Hogmany - Hogmany FM. I love running the business, being a producer but I was useless with music and artists. I met my favourite artist at the time without knowing I was having a beer with them and interviewed Eddie Reader and got the Pretenders mixed up with the Proclaimers. We did a live broadcast from the rooftop of Princes Street on Hogmany and it was EPIC... but don't ask me who was playing.. I haven't got a clue...
I live in
A career highlight
Winning my first client, THE first client, for the agency I founded (Comotion) which was Kodak-Alaris, the week they emerged from Chapter 11 - what a challenge!
Joined Guild
28 September, 2021