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Dimitri Martignago


Dimitri Martignago

Business Developer Innovation & Compliance, ReD OPEN S.r.l.

Dimitri's professional bio / interests

Professionally, I am looking for new projects and opportunities to grow in innovative realities composed of multidisciplinary teams. I cultivate multiple interests and in the last period I have mainly focused on: the ethics of AI, the protection of genetic data and the development of a European digital health strategy.

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An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

My constant search for new challenges and experiences goes hand in hand with my innate need to experience the silence and inescapable essence of the mountains that are my natural habitat.

I live in


A career highlight

The moment I got involved at the last in a conference as a speaker on a topic I had never heard of: IP in health AI systems. No happy ending. The content of the presentation certainly didn't live up to the audience, but the cheekiness was appreciated and allowed me to start incredibly interesting collaborations and projects on AI.




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Sep 29, 2021