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Gavin Miller


Gavin Miller

Partner, Auditel & Ultima Media

Gavin's professional biog

It's April 2021 and the start of a new journey. I love the business of business and my purpose is to make a difference that matters. That's why I've started The Profitabl Partnership in partnership with Auditel, a UK business transformation and procurement consultancy. Helping organisations discover the potential of cost savings, profitable growth and value creation offered by harnessing the relationship across business, marketing and procurement, in the age of Net Zero. I’ve experienced and navigated the complexities of managing change and transformation and no more so than in the current crisis: How do we reset, recover and grow (and post crisis), how and what products and services should we invest in, what is our current spend and are we getting the best possible value and with the right suppliers? What is the potential for savings, can we increase cash-flow to then invest again in the right products and services and suppliers to achieve the best price and get the best possible value?

I’d like help with…

Ordinarily to learn from and share insight around transformation, cost management and procurement in the age of Net Zero.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

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A career highlight

Launching King Kong Download to Own movie in 2006 AND Navigating and operating a business through a crisis (cost and cash-flow management, restructure) blended with resetting growth plans via digital content, business intelligence and paid for content (e-editions, virtual events, live-streams, first party data and custom content marketing).




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Dec 05, 2019

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